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A black engagement ring will always stand out amongst other types of rings. A black ring is a bold and ultra-chic way to break tradition. Typically black engagement rings will be a black diamond which is made when a diamond has so many inclusions it looks black. It is worth noting that for engagement rings you will want to opt for a treated black diamond that will fare better with everyday wear and tear as the inclusions are actually tiny fractures that make the diamond weaker.

Another stone option for the black engagement ring is an onyx ring. Onyx is a fairly tough stone ranging between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale. Generally, the color black goes with a variety of colors and styles, so with a black gemstone or diamond, there is a lot of range in potential band materials, settings, and cuts.

  • What does a black engagement ring mean?

    Black diamonds are symbolic of protection from evil. Onyx is symbolic of the protection of harmony between people, strength, and fortune.

  • Can an engagement ring be black?

    Yes it can! Popular options for stones are black diamonds or onyx. Other black gemstones are moonstone, tourmaline, black amethyst, and hematite amongst many others.

  • Are black diamonds more expensive than regular diamonds?

    Black diamonds are less expensive than near colorless and colorless diamonds because they have so many inclusions. This is what gives them their color. Due to this not only are they cheaper, but they can be slightly weaker. Black diamonds generally are rarer than white diamonds, because there are particular conditions needed to create them, and therefore naturally occur less frequently.

  • Are black diamonds trendy?

    They are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to have a more edgy engagement ring. It is completely opposite to a traditional choice and so it is appealing to those that want to make a statement with their ring.

  • How do you care for a black diamond?

    A very gentle wash in mild soapy water and then after ensuring it is thoroughly dried and kept in a fabric-lined jewelry box. It is also best to avoid wearing a black diamond ring when engaging in any activities in which it could easily get damaged.

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