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Emerald is a stunning choice for an engagement ring. The rare gemstone stands out and can come in a variety of hues such as a more yellowish-green, pure green, or bluish-green. They are sourced from all over the world from countries such as Zambia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Madagascar. Along with diamonds, sapphires, and rubies they make up the world’s four most sought-after precious stones.

They are used in various types of settings such as with diamond side stones, pavé, or halo or they are exquisite on their own in a solitaire setting. The emerald cut which is now also popularly used for diamonds was originally crafted for this gemstone to prevent breakage during faceting. Because of modern technology, they can now be cut in a variety of shapes including pear and round cuts. Yellow gold bands are a popular choice for emeralds because it brings out the color of the gem; however, white gold or platinum are also used for those wanting the gem to have a cooler tone. Ultimately the right band pairing also depends on the shade of green of the emerald.

  • Is emerald good for an engagement ring?

    Though uncommon, emerald rings are a beautiful choice for an engagement ring. They come in different shades of green from yellow-green or a more blue-green stone. They are also durable and rank 7.5-8 on the hardness scale, but they do require more care than other gemstones.

  • What does an emerald engagement ring symbolize?

    There are a lot of different meanings such as hope, royalty, truth, abundance, growth, harmony, prosperity, luck and peace.

  • Is emerald cheaper than diamond?

    Emeralds actually tend to be more expensive than diamonds due to their rarity.

  • Can I wear my emerald ring everyday?

    Emeralds can be worn every day, however, they are considerably softer than diamonds scoring on average 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. It is advisable to refrain from handling the ring roughly as it can be chipped or scratched. The ring can be cleaned gently in soapy water every so often.

  • Do emeralds look better in white or yellow gold?

    Common pairings of emeralds are based on the type of green the emerald is. A yellow-gold band is normally paired with a bluish-green emerald, whilst a white gold band may be paired with a yellowish-green emerald. These pairings balance the colors between the band and the emerald, making the gem appear more of pure green.

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