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Sapphire Engagement Rings

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Sapphire engagement rings are an exceptional choice for someone that wants to do something a little different. The brilliant blue stone can be combined in many different settings such as with a white gold or platinum band, and can even pair beautifully with a rose gold band. You can combine a sapphire center stone with sparkling diamond side stones or accentuate it with a stunning halo setting.

Sapphires are versatile and if blue is not what you are looking for, they can also come in quite a variety of colors such as orange, green, purple, yellow, champagne, and even colorless amongst many others. Sapphires evoke a sense of regality and are one of the four most sought-after precious stones. The most common cuts that they come in are round brilliant, oval, and radiant although they can be done in other cuts such as emerald, pear, or cushion.

  • What metal is best for a sapphire engagement ring?

    White gold or platinum pairing is the most commonly used for blue sapphire because this accentuates the gem. However, this is ultimately up to the wearer, sapphires can also be paired with yellow gold which also neatly contrasts and draws attention to the blue.

  • Is sapphire OK for an engagement ring?

    Sapphire is a strong stone and rates at 9 on the Mohs scale. It can withstand everyday wear and tear well. A sapphire and platinum band is a recommended combination as platinum is known to be very durable as well. The look is also very stylish and regal.

  • What does a sapphire engagement ring symbolize?

    Many associate sapphires with royalty, but other meanings it has also include wisdom, hope, virtue, and strength.

  • Are sapphires just as good as diamonds?

    Sapphires are quite hard ranking at 9 on the Mohs scale, but diamonds are harder ranking at 10 which is the highest rank. They are, however, still very durable and a great choice for someone looking to do something a little more unique with their engagement ring. Diamonds are loved for their sparkle, whereas sapphires are loved for their color.

  • Do sapphires sparkle like diamonds?

    Sapphires will shine when polished well, compared to diamonds that will have natural sparkle. If brilliance is what you are looking for a diamond will sparkle better than a colorless sapphire. Diamonds reflect an array of light compared to colorless sapphires which will reflect more light gray colors.

  • Is sapphire more expensive than emerald?

    Sapphires will generally be more expensive than emeralds, however, the price will be determined by factors like color and carat weight especially. Sapphires will range between $1000 to $11000+ per carat, and emeralds will range between $525 to $1125 per carat.

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