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18K Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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Rose gold is made by adding copper alloys to gold which creates a pinkish-colored gold. This style is popular because it makes a beautiful and warm backdrop to a diamond or gemstone arrangement, it is also a step away from the ordinary platinum or yellow gold. It is a timeless material that works well in both classic and modern ring designs offering a tasteful pop of color.

A 14k gold metal is preferable for those looking for a deeper blush color rose gold and 18k gold is preferable for those looking for a more subtle champagne color rose gold. A higher karat (K) value means there is more gold in the jewelry, 18K jewelry has a higher ratio of pure gold (which is more ‘yellow-gold’) than there is in its 14K counterpart. Rose gold is also known to be durable due to the added copper alloy, therefore it is easier to care for.

  • Is rose gold ideal for engagement rings?

    Rose gold is loved for its versatility as it can be used in classic, contemporary or modern ring designs and settings. It is also an affordable setting option, particularly with 14k rose gold bands which are also known to be more durable because they have more copper alloy in them which makes them harder. This allows these bands to withstand wear and tear from everyday activities such as going to the gym or washing dishes.

  • Is rose gold real gold?

    Rose gold is an alloy made up of copper and gold. Thus it is a kind of gold but not pure gold.

  • Is a rose gold ring more expensive?

    Generally, rose gold will not be as expensive as other types of gold such as white or yellow gold because the copper alloy added to it is a fairly affordable material. Although, the ring design, gemstones, or diamonds used will determine the ring’s price.

  • Is rose gold good for diamonds?

    This depends on the wearer’s preference, a diamond will typically reflect the pinkish color of the rose gold. If this is something that you would appreciate, it is a good choice. Because of this, you can be more flexible with the choice of diamond and its color. Rose gold is also cherished because it complements a variety of skin tones, also making the diamonds it carries look even more beautiful.

  • Does rose gold fade quickly?

    It does not and is also easy to maintain as it can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water. It also does not require re-coating like other types of gold. Rose gold develops a patina over time as the copper it contains begins to oxidize. This patina also gives it a more vintage look over time.

  • Does rose gold make diamonds look yellow?

    Diamonds will slightly reflect the color of the band they are set it, as such in a rose gold setting you can expect the diamond to appear slightly pinker. However, in a yellow gold setting, you can expect the diamond to pick up the slight yellow color of the band.

  • How do you take care of a rose gold ring?

    Occasionally wash the ring in gentle soap water and then ensure that it is thoroughly dried afterward. When it is removed it is recommended that it is placed on its own preferably in a soft jewelry pouch. This will prevent it from being scratched by other jewelry.

  • Is rose gold going out of style?

    Although not as popular as white or yellow gold, rose gold is has become more popular in jewelry in the past few years. It has been used in different types of designs and for different gemstones including diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, it is also a unique and bold style choice as it deviates from the regular platinum or yellow gold. It is also great because it easily complements both neutral and more colorful palettes.

  • Can I wear rose gold in the shower?

    It can be worn in the shower, however, it is not recommended as the soaps can build up on the metal, causing it to appear duller.

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