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18K Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

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A gold engagement ring is a classic choice for a ring. There are many different types of gold such as yellow, white, and rose gold, giving you many different options for ring designs. Gold pairs with almost everything from diamonds to gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, quartz, moissanite, and many more. Gold is naturally quite soft and as such, it is typically mixed with other metal alloys to strengthen it and that is what creates different colors of gold.

Solid gold is always the best option to maximize durability in comparison to plated gold which can fade away over time. Gold is a bold choice that gives a ring a warm glow. It always remains in style whether in simple or more detailed arrangements. A sacred element, gold is symbolic of prestige, wealth, and prosperity and has been revered in the world of jewelry for thousands of years.

  • Can engagement rings be gold?

    Yes! This is the most traditional choice for an engagement ring and it comes in different colors: yellow, white and rose gold.

  • Are gold engagement rings outdated?

    Gold is a traditional choice for an engagement ring however, it remains in style because it is also versatile and can be used in a number of ways. It looks just as beautiful in a modern ring design as it does in a classic design.

  • Is 14K gold okay for an engagement ring?

    This is the most popular choice for rings as it is a great mix of pure gold and alloys that allow it to be very durable. This type of gold whether white, rose or yellow gold will be able to withstand everyday activities.

  • Which is better, yellow gold or white gold?

    Durability-wise, 14K of each type of gold will all fare very well, however white gold is  slightly more durable than the others. Yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic and easiest to take care of, so if this is a concern, particularly for those with allergies or sensitive skin, it is a recommended option. Overall, the color of the gold used will be determined by what the owner likes and the design of the ring. Certain pairings of gemstones or diamonds are popular because of the color compatibility such as white gold with sapphires or yellow gold with emeralds.

  • Which gold is more expensive white or yellow?

    Although 14K white gold and 14K yellow gold will contain the same amount of gold, white gold is slightly more expensive due to its production process. It is made by mixing gold with a harder alloy such as palladium and is then coated with rhodium.

  • Do diamonds look better in white or yellow gold?

    This is completely up to the owner’s preference. Some find that yellow gold suits their skin tone better than white gold and vice versa. If you want your diamonds to pop, yellow gold is a good choice because the color contrasts well with diamonds. On the other hand, if you want your ring to be more understated, white gold will provide a good backdrop to your diamonds.

  • Is platinum better than gold?

    White gold is often used due to its very similar appearance to platinum; however, platinum is stronger than gold so it will be the more durable choice overall. Platinum is also rarer than gold and as such a platinum ring will cost 40 to 50% more than a gold ring.

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