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Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

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The Asscher cut is a step cut similar to the emerald cut and is sometimes referred to as a ‘square emerald cut’. Asscher cuts are typically square, ideally with a width to length ratio between 1-1.05. This cut was created in 1902 by well-known diamond-cutter Joseph Asscher. The Asscher is known for its wide-open table and fine symmetry, which show off a diamond's sparkle. As inclusions are very visible in an Asscher cut, it is recommended that gems with better clarity are cut this way.

Although this elegant cut was originally designed for diamonds, it also goes well with colored gems such as emeralds or sapphires. Asscher cut gems are known for their subtle beauty and uniqueness, they are usually set in solitaire, to showcase their unique designs. However, Asscher cuts are also popularly used in Art Deco settings, which made the cut very popular in the 1920s. Halo settings and pave diamonds also work well with Asscher cuts to increase a ring’s sparkle.

  • What is special about an Asscher cut diamond?

    Asscher cut diamonds showcase a gem’s unique luster and clarity through an alluring hall of mirrors effect seen through their wide-open facets.

  • Are Asscher cuts expensive?

    Asscher cuts are less expensive than round brilliant cuts because less of the rough diamond is lost during the cutting process. However, because of their wide-open tables, inclusions are more visible in Asscher cuts, which means they need gemstones with higher clarity grades, which could drive up their price.

  • Is Asscher cut rare?

    About 2% of diamonds are Asscher cuts, making them quite rare and harder to find.

  • Is Asscher cut more expensive than emerald?

    There is no large difference in price between Asscher and emerald cuts, emerald cuts can be slightly cheaper because they are less rare, however, both cuts require higher quality stones as they do not conceal inclusions well, this could increase their price tags.

  • Does Asscher cut look smaller?

    Asscher-cut diamonds tend to look smaller than other diamonds of the same carat weight cut in a different way like emerald or round-brilliant cuts.

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