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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

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Cushion cuts gems or diamonds are known because of their square shape with soft round corners that resemble a pillow. They are known to have a sophisticated and romantic feel and because of this, they appeal to those that appreciate a vintage look.

The cut has been around for close to 200 years and has been adapted to show off any stone’s brilliance due to its large facets. Cushion cut stones can be set in a plethora of ways such as in a halo setting or in a solitaire setting where the prongs delicately accent the center stone.

  • Is cushion a good diamond cut?

    Cushion cut diamonds tend to produce a fiery brilliance due to their large facets. This makes them quite appealing even when seen from a distance. It is a popular cut that has been used for close to 200 years.

  • What do cushion cut engagement rings mean?

    It is a cut that imitates the shape of a cushion or pillow as the gemstone of diamonds is in the shape of a square with rounded corners. This cut is valued for its large facets that make diamonds especially sparkle in a colorful way.

  • Are cushion cut diamonds more expensive?

    They are on average about 25% cheaper than round cut diamonds. This is due to the crafting process where with round diamonds there is more material lost, making the final diamond more expensive.

  • Is cushion cut cheaper than oval?

    The cushion cut is more expensive than oval cuts because it provides a more fiery brilliance than the oval cut. This is what has made them appealing and also due to their brilliance, they easily mask any inclusions.

  • Do cushion cut diamonds look smaller?

    They tend to look smaller from above as most of the weight is underneath the girdle of the diamond. They are however fashioned to create large facets that do increase the amount of fiery brilliance they create.

  • What looks bigger cushion or radiant?

    A cushion cut diamond will look wider, even when slightly elongated, in comparison a radiant cut diamond which will look more slender. Overall, the radiant cut will look bigger; however, preference and proportions will determine what is the best choice for the wearer.

  • What is a good depth for a cushion-cut diamond?

    Approximately 61 to 68%. This ratio provides a good balance in the stone. This allows for a beautiful sparkle that adequately lets in light to reflect it and produce an eye-catching brilliance and fire.

  • Is color or clarity more important in a cushion-cut diamond?

    Cushion-cut diamonds will show more color than round-cut diamonds, as such depending on the ring design the color can be a very important detail. The cushion cut is good at masking imperfections which allow for flexibility in the clarity.

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