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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

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From as early as the 16th century, emerald cuts have proven timelessly elegant. As a well-known celebrity favorite, emerald cut engagement rings are distinguished by their elongated rectangular shape, cut-off corners, and wide-open tables. These features create a commanding appearance and draw attention to the stone itself rather than its sparkle. The cut also enlarges the gemstone's size. Although originally crafted for emeralds, this style has made waves with diamonds, embodying sophistication and simplicity.

Emerald cut engagement rings can be placed in a solitaire setting; or complemented by side stones of either trapezoid, pear, cadillac, or emerald cut, making the diamond or sapphire more prominent. Halo settings are another popular choice as they also amplify the center stone. You can complete your emerald cut engagement ring with the perfect band, with a band of platinum or 18K yellow, rose, or white or with elegant, pave diamonds or split bands for a unique look.

  • Emerald cuts have a larger table (read: the top facet of the stone) than other diamond shapes, which is said to be like a clear window into the

    Emerald cut diamonds are significantly less expensive compared to round-cut diamonds as their cutting process is less wasteful. Gem cutters lose the least amount of weight when shaping a rough diamond into an emerald cut. However, it is important to note that a diamond’s value is also influenced by its color, clarity, weight (carat), and fluorescence.

  • Are emerald diamonds cheaper?

    Step cuts like Asscher and emerald cut diamonds tend to be less costly than brilliant cuts. An emerald cut is normally 12-42% cheaper than a round-cut diamond because less weight is lost when shaping the diamond.

  • What celebrity has an emerald engagement ring?

    They may not be as popular as round or princess cuts, but emerald cuts are a favorite among some of the most glamorous celebrities. Beyonce, Amal Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Grace Kelly, and Maria Sharapova are some of the biggest names to have ever worn emerald cut engagement rings. This style has a unique regality and exudes the confidence of the wearer, no wonder it perfectly suits these powerful women.

  • What does an emerald cut diamond say about you?

    Emerald cut diamonds have a commanding appearance and allude to a wearer’s boldness and sense of self-assurance. Because of their wide-open table, inclusions are more visible in emerald cuts, which is why most diamonds that are cut in this style are of the highest quality color and clarity. Women who wear emerald cuts communicate personal clarity and an open heart – just like their gems.

  • Which diamond cut is most expensive?

    Round brilliant cuts are the most expensive because gem cutters lose about 60% of rough stone in cutting a diamond to this shape. Diamonds generally lose 40-60% of their original weight after cutting, and less expensive cuts lose weight on the lower end of this range.

  • Which diamond shape looks biggest?

    Because of their elongated face, emerald cut diamonds will look larger than a diamond with a different cut but similar size. If you were to place a 1-carat round cut diamond beside a 1-carat emerald cut diamond, the emerald cut diamond will appear larger.

  • Is color or clarity more important in an emerald cut diamond?

    The color and clarity of a diamond are more significant in emerald cuts due to their long, open facets. Because of their step cut, they reflect significantly less light than brilliant cuts, making imperfections visible to the naked eye. Color is an important factor because emerald cuts expose more of the natural color of the stone than other shapes do.

  • Why are emerald cut diamonds less sparkly?

    Despite their 58 facets, emerald cut diamonds shine more than sparkle because their step cut reflects less light – resulting in subtle, understated, and delicate flashes of light that accentuate their elegance.

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