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At, we present the Kite Engagement Ring Collection—a harmonious blend of avant-garde design and timeless elegance. Each ring in this collection showcases diamonds set in a distinctive kite-shaped setting, capturing the free spirit and uniqueness of love itself. With an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, our Kite Engagement Rings are not just jewelry pieces; they are tangible symbols of love's soaring journey.
Explore our collection with products priced between: $3,800 - $4,500,000
The price of a Kite Cut ring can vary based on factors like the quality of the gemstone and the intricacy of the setting. They are not necessarily more expensive than traditional cuts.
While not as traditional as other shapes, Kite Engagement Rings have gained popularity for their unique and modern appeal, making them a trendy choice for those looking for something different.
Kite Cut diamonds or gemstones are versatile but may look best in settings that highlight their unique shape, such as a bezel or tension setting.
Yes, Kite Cut diamonds are available in various colors, depending on the type of diamond or gemstone you choose.
Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is recommended. It’s also advisable to have the ring checked periodically for loose settings or signs of wear.
A genuine Kite Cut should have a distinct four-sided shape with two pairs of equal-length sides. Certification from a reputable gemological lab can also confirm its authenticity.
Unlike traditional cuts like Round or Princess, the kite shape is more unconventional and offers a unique, modern aesthetic.
A Kite Engagement Ring features a diamond or gemstone cut in a kite shape, which resembles a four-sided figure with two pairs of adjacent sides that are equal in length.
Kite Cut diamonds or gemstones pair well with a variety of metals, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.
Kite Engagement Rings are often available at specialized jewelry stores that offer custom designs, as well as online platforms that sell unique or modern engagement rings.