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Oval Engagement Rings

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The oval is a classic and elegant shape that allows for a bit more unique character than the round. This shape is also great because it tends to make the gemstone or diamond look bigger than its actual carat size, thus making the center stone more eyecatching. It is also diverse in that the proportions of the oval can be customized to create a more narrow or wider profile based on the wearer’s preference. Unlike other shapes such as hearts and pear/teardrops, ovals are symmetrical in both lengthways and breadthways.

Oval-shaped stones come in various settings, such as halo, pavé, or simply solitaire. Oval rings do not always have to be placed in the conventional North-South setting, they can also be placed in what is known as an East-West setting.

  • What does an oval engagement ring mean?

    The oval shape is associated with different meanings. The oval can be considered to signify the beginning of a new life for the couple. Of course, the meaning behind it is what you make it, that’s what makes it so special!

  • Is an oval engagement ring cheaper than a round?

    Due to the fact that the round shape is still the most popular, they tend to be more expensive than oval rings. Oval cuts tend to be 30% less expensive than a round-cut diamond. However, overall the price will also depend on the setting and type of gemstone or diamond used.

  • Are oval rings too trendy?

    Oval rings are quite a popular shape due to their uniqueness in comparison to round-shaped stones. The design overall of the ring is what determines its ‘trendiness’ such as features like the type of band used, or the setting around the center stone.

  • Why are oval rings so popular?

    Oval rings are sought after because they suit a variety of gemstones, but also because they can be set in unique ways ultimately creating a one-of-a-kind ring. They also tend to look bigger and so are a great way to maximize size without having to increase carats. They are also less expensive than round cuts but still have brilliance and sparkle to them.

  • Is color or clarity more important in an oval diamond?

    This depends on an individual’s taste if you are more interested in maximizing sparkle or have a very specific vision for the color of your diamond. Overall, the type of diamond used and its cut will affect the overall appearance. One important factor about oval shapes is that they allow inclusions to be obscured so there is less concern about the gemstones’ clarity.

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