Round Engagement Rings

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Although created in the 17th century, round cuts only became very popular in the last 100 years, and their prominence has not died down. No other cut provides more brilliance or sparkle than a round cut - it is also loved for its perfect circular shape. Because of the attention it attracts on its own, they are popularly set in the classic solitaire

Approximately 75% of all diamonds that are sold are round cut. They are the perfect blend of elegance and simplicity. Because of their ability to reflect more light than any other shape, they conceal any color tints in diamonds exceptionally well through their sparkle.

  • Are round engagement rings in style?

    The round-cut engagement ring is the most preferred stone cut for engagement rings for good reason. Its unrivaled brilliance and sparkle have always put it at the top besting other ring cuts. Approximately 75% of all diamonds are round brilliant cuts, they are also loved for their perfect circular shape, symbolic of elegance. Although created in the 17th century, they only rose to prominence about a century ago – and as the most popular and well-known cut, they are hardly going out of style anytime soon.

  • Are round diamonds cheaper?

    The round cut diamond loses the most rough in the cutting and polishing process than any other design to achieve its famed brilliance and sparkle. The process discards at least 60% of the original stone and because of this, the round engagement ring is the most expensive out of all the designs.

  • What is the best setting for a round diamond?

    The classic round solitaire, also known as 4 prong setting is the most popular setting used for round cuts. This setting allows highlight admittance, which not only lets the gem sparkle to its full potential but also maintains its elegance and traditional aesthetic.

  • What depth should a round diamond be?

    Round cuts, well respected for their  brilliance and fire, require a depth range of 61% to 62.5% in proportion to a table range of 54% to 57%. This adequately allows light rays to travel and be reflected within the cut without leakage to deliver their highly acclaimed sparkle.

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