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An antique engagement ring is any ring that is more than 100 years old. The Victorian and Edwardian eras are commonly referenced antique eras. Elements that you can usually find in them are filigree details that create a sense of opulence and really draw in the eye. Victorian engagement rings used gemstones such as amethyst and sapphires with yellow or rose gold bands. The two most popular cuts related to antique engagement rings are the Old European cut which is a predecessor to the Round Brilliant and the Old mine cut which originated before the Old European cut. Before bruting machines were invented, diamonds and gemstones were cut by hand and made to dazzle under limited light like that from a candle. Old mine cuts have 58 facets and are slightly square with rounded-off edges with a very small table at the top. The Old European cut is rounder with a wider table and longer facets. Many antique diamonds will have a yellow tinge to them because those, particularly from the Edwardian period, were mined from the “Old mines” in Brazil and India before the diamonds of Africa which are more colorless, were discovered.
  • Can you propose with an antique ring?

    Yes! Antique rings can be quite a thoughtful choice for a ring. It takes dedication to do research and locate the right ring that is not only beautiful but that your significant other will actually like. It also adds more meaning to the gesture if the antique ring is connected to them personally in some way, such as from a historical figure from their hometown or someone they admire.

  • Do antique rings hold their value?

    They will and can sometimes be even more valuable than rings made today. They also hold special sentimental value particularly when they are heirloom pieces. Price will be determined by sellers based on the condition of the piece as well as the characteristics of the diamond or gemstones set within it.

  • What is the difference between antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings?

    A vintage ring is 20 years or older. A ring is considered antique when it is 100 years or older.

  • Are antique rings more expensive?

    While this largely depends on the ring and its features, most engagement rings are the most valuable in their original condition. However, where a ring has a richer history, then it will be pricier, as you are not only purchasing the ring, but also its history.

  • Can you customize an antique engagement ring?

    Antique rings can be modified or retouched to however the wearer desires such as replacing settings but maintaining the gemstones to maintain the sentimentality of inherited jewelry. They could also be customized by adding new gemstones or even modernizing the ring. This however depends on the strength of the original metal and gemstones. Some of the original elements may need to be worn down or broken entirely during customization.

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