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Classic Engagement Rings

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A classic engagement ring is a ring that features designs that do not go out of style as they are not attached to a particular period - allowing them to transcend trends and fashion. The most popular classing ring design is the diamond solitaire with a round-cut diamond. It is estimated that 70% of all engagement rings purchased are solitaire diamonds. And despite its popularity even in modern times, this ring design is as old as the 15th Century. The oldest documented engagement ring was a diamond solitaire gifted to Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximillian of Austria. What makes the classic engagement timeless is its elegance and simplicity, this makes it versatile and easily compatible with the wearer’s outfit no matter the era. Depending on the gem or diamond used as a center stone, classic rings can also be more affordable and accessible, therefore increasing their popularity. Rings with fewer embellishments and elaborate designs also allow attention to be drawn to the center stone, which is normally the highlight of most rings.
  • What are timeless rings?

    Timeless engagement rings are simply engagement rings that will never go out of style. Classic examples of timeless engagement rings are the solitaire and three-stone engagement rings, both known for their versatile simplicity and elegance.

  • What makes an engagement ring timeless?

    Having garnered people’s love and praise, a ring’s timelessness is attained through good reviews, growing popularity, and preference through time. Timelessness is also influenced by the ring’s elegance, simplicity, and versatility. The simpler the design, the more likely it is to be timeless, as it transcends trends.

  • What is the most classic engagement ring?

    Classic rings are always characterized by simplicity. Featuring a simple band as well as a single gemstone at the center, the Solitaire engagement ring style featuring a round-cut diamond is the most popular ring design. No other cut shows brilliance like a round diamond, and the solitaire setting allows for a truly simple design that pairs with just about anything. Classic rings can also be customized with different modern stone cuts or by substituting other gemstones of the wearer’s preference, which are part of the reason why it is the most classic engagement ring.

  • What diamond shapes are best for a classic engagement ring?

    The round, brilliant-cut diamond is the most classic shape for an engagement ring and the most popular. About 75% of all diamonds sold are round-cuts, because of their cut, they reflect the most light and show the most fire and brilliance among diamond cuts.

  • How many carats should an engagement ring be?

    In the United States, the national average size for engagement rings ranges between 1-carat to 1.5-carats. However, the appearance of a ring’s size and its recommended weight will also be influenced by the cut of the diamond or gemstone. Round cuts are on average 1-carat whereas square cuts such as emerald cuts are on average 1.5 carats.

  • What metal goes best with a classic engagement ring?

    Gold is the most popular and classic choice setting for engagement rings, seconded by platinum. But that should not limit one’s choices, the best metal for a ring design largely depends on the color of the center stone and the preferences of the wearer. For example, the warmth of yellow gold bands contrasts well with white diamonds, however, some may not enjoy the slight yellow tint of the gemstone created by its reflection of the band.

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