Classic Engagement Rings

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Classic rings never go out of style because their design is not attached to a particular period - allowing them to transcend trends and fashion. Popular classic designs include solitaire settings and modern stone cuts.
  • What is the most classic engagement ring?

    Classic rings are always characterized by simplicity. Featuring a simple band as well as a single gemstone at the center, the Solitaire engagement ring style truly stands out in this category. Its setting allows for a truly simple design that pairs with just about anything as well as be customized with different modern stone cuts which are part of the reason why it is the most classic engagement ring.

  • What are timeless rings?

    Timeless engagement rings are simply engagement rings that will never go out of style. Having garnered people’s love and praise, this particular feature in engagement rings is only attained through good reviews gathered through time. Classic examples of timeless engagement rings are the solitaire and three-stone engagement rings, both known for their versatile simplicity and elegance.

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