Dainty Engagement Rings

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Rings can be simple, while still making a statement. A dainty ring is a very practical choice as they are both more affordable and relatively comfortable than other rings designs. A dainty ring is determined by the size of the gem and the width of the band, the smaller these are the daintier it will be. Dainty rings will normally feature a solitaire gem. However, dainty rings don’t always have to be simple - pave diamonds and split shanks have been added to dainty rings for delicate details that give a ring more character while maintaining its simplicity.
  • What is a Dainty Engagement Ring?

    A dainty engagement ring is all about small ring size and a simple design that normally features a solitaire diamond. The smaller and simpler the ring, the daintier it is. The ring shank width also plays a role in how dainty an engagement ring is.

  • Is it OK to have a small engagement ring?

    Small engagement rings are a great choice for those who prefer to have a low maintenance ring which is still fashionable. Bigger isn’t always better and a ring choice is ultimately up to the taste and personal style of the wearer. They are also a great choice because they may be more comfortable to place on fingers because of the fighter weight and are considerably more affordable than more elaborate or ‘heavier’ ring designs.

  • Do all Dainty Engagement rings have small stones?

    Whilst dainty engagement rings tend to have smaller stones… smaller need not mean small.  A dainty ring with a slender band can still be topped by a multi-karat diamond, and said diamond can still be embellished with other stones, a halo setting etc.  Dainty and tiny, and not the same thing!

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