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Feminine Engagement Rings

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Feminine engagement rings are synonymous with quite traditional and classic-style rings. You will come across many rounds, princess or cushion cut gems and diamonds. They are then commonly paired with solitaire, cathedral, halo, and three-stone settings. Diamonds are the classic choice of the stone with the phrase “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” being ironic. They are loved for their sparkle and versatility. Although yellow-gold is a quintessential choice, rose-gold has a flirty vibe to it and is an option that has consistently remained popular. Color palettes closer to the peach, pink, and champagne hues evoke a sense of femininity appearing quite delicate and stylish against the skin. Another great way to make a ring more feminine is to incorporate a nod to nature such as a floral halo. All in all, an engagement ring is truly an opportunity to showcase individual taste and personality.
  • What is a feminine engagement ring?

    A feminine engagement ring tends to have attributes that are traditionally associated with the feminine aesthetic. Whether this is incorporating lighter, warmer colors or more floral, organic, and softer elements. Femininity is traditionally associated with delicateness, elegance, and softness.

  • What are some go-to cuts for a feminine engagement ring?

    Because of its brilliance and sparkle, the round brilliant is the most popular option for a feminine ring. An oval cut is another go-to cut because of its smooth edges and soft look. Cushion and princess cuts are also considered more feminine cuts, they offer a delicate blend of geometry, sophistication, and femininity.

  • What metals are best for a feminine engagement ring?

    Gold is the most traditional option for engagement rings, its yellow tones also allude to warmth which is a feminine quality. Rose gold is also a more feminine metal choice. However, ultimately the color of the gemstone will play a significant role in deciding the best metal for an engagement ring.

  • What gemstones are best for a feminine ring?

    Even though diamonds still remain the most popular choice for engagement rings, other gemstones that can be used in feminine rings are sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and pearls. Rubies in particular are the second most popular option for an engagement ring center stone, their distinct red color is symbolic of love and passion. Other feminine gemstones include colored diamonds, particularly pink and yellow diamonds for their soft and warm colors.

  • What ring designs are best for a feminine engagement ring?

    A diamond solitaire is the most popular and classic design there is. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” resonates till today, so a diamond is a classically feminine choice. Floral engagement rings are also quite feminine as well as gemstones with warmer colors such as pink or yellow diamonds. Halo designs are another great option for feminine rings because of their radiance and glamour.

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