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Halo Engagement Rings

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Halo is a type of ring setting in which small diamonds surround a center gemstone or diamond. They can have a single ring or a double ring and they increase a ring's overall brilliance. The diamonds that frame the center stone tend to make the stone look bigger this is why it is an appealing setting. Halo rings go as far back as the Victorian era, but were also quite popular during the Art deco era as well.

A halo ring will normally have a round or cushion cut diamond or gemstone as the center and then other features such as pavé will make the ring sparkle even more. A halo engagement ring is a glamorous choice and certainly evokes a sense of luxury.

  • What does a halo engagement ring mean?

    This is a type of ring setting in which a center stone is framed by smaller stones. These surrounding stones highlight the center stone and make the ring look brighter.

  • What is the point of a hidden halo ring?

    In a halo ring, the additional stones are not placed around the center stone, but rather below it to make a base in which the center stone will sit. From above, the stone appears even more brilliant as the smaller stones bolster the amount of light being reflected from the ring as a whole.

  • Are Halo rings a fad?

    Although a more traditional setting, the halo setting has never gone out of style. It is particularly appealing because it makes the center stone look bigger.

  • Can I take the halo off my ring?

    It is possible that a jeweler can remove the halo from a ring if the wearer wants to opt for a different type of setting.

  • Do halo diamonds fall out?

    Because the diamonds within the halo are quite small it is possible for them to fall out. Therefore it is recommended to be quite cautious with the ring when wearing it.

  • When did halo engagement rings become popular?

    They first became popular during the Victorian era in the 1800s. They have been a popular ring setting since.

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