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Modern engagement rings are characterized by sleek, clean lines, minimalism, and innovation. One style that stands out is the “Toi et Moi” setting which often mixes two different stones. This style has been celebrated as being a physical representation of the coming together of two people during an engagement. Another trend that is commonplace with modern rings is the use of color. Although colorful gemstones have been used for quite a long time, incorporating color into modern rings offers an alternative to the classic colorless diamond. Gender-fluid options for rings have also risen in popularity typically with a thicker band and simpler understated design. Furthermore, experimentation with the band of the ring to create a more sculptural ring is also a feature of modern rings. Some styles worth noting are the crossover or bypass band, twisted band, and stacked.
  • What is a modern engagement ring?

    A modern engagement ring is typically associated with modern, clean lines. The aesthetic is usually quite minimal or boasts a thoughtful and unconventional approach to design whether the final product is more simplistic or more elaborate. They may also be referred to as contemporary engagement rings. 

  • What style of engagement ring is popular now?

    Rose gold and white gold are quite popular materials for the band as well as pavé detailing. In terms of setting styles, the halo is popular alongside the Toi et Moi. Finally, colored diamond rings such as Salt-and-Pepper diamonds or Black diamonds are a chic way to do something nontraditional.

  • Are non-traditional rings modern rings?

    Many modern rings also fall into the non-traditional ring category because they deviate from classical designs. However, there are certain non-traditional rings that are not necessarily modern such as floral engagement rings which emerged in the Victorian era. However, there are some modern ring designs that pay tribute to classic rings such as antique rings, which could feature both traditional and modern design elements.

  • Is a minimalist ring a modern ring?

    Minimalist engagement rings have become more popular in recent years due to their subtle charm and elegance. They can be considered a modern design as earlier ring designs and tastes were focused on a gemstone’s size and the intricate design of the setting.

  • What are some modern engagement ring trends?

    Some popular modern ring settings include the “Toi et Moi” setting which features two gemstones on a ring. This setting defies the classical symmetry of three-stone and solitaire settings and creatively symbolizes the union of two hearts. Two-tone bands are also quite modern. Oval shapes are increasingly popular in modern designs as well as colorful gemstones. Gender-neutral rings and black gemstones are also trends seen in engagement rings.

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