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Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

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A non-traditional engagement ring is an excellent expression of creativity as it can be used to incorporate more of the wearer’s or couple’s personal history and character into the ring design and symbolism. As the most classic and traditional ring setting is a white round cut solitaire diamond, a non-traditional ring may incorporate colored gemstones in unique and innovative settings such as floral engagement rings. Some popular non-tradition styles include art-deco, minimalist, gemstone, two-tone, two-stone, and modern ring designs. Although rubies, emeralds, and sapphires engagement rings may not be as widespread as diamonds, they are still popular ring choices and commonly known. A non-traditional ring can go beyond these well-known gemstones and incorporate pearls, beryls, or opals. And whereas having a large sparkly diamond is a popular choice, non-traditional rings can also be minimalist and feature tiny gemstones less than 1-carat or even less than a half carat. Other non-traditional rings include two-tone rings, which are composed of two different metals, the most common combination being yellow gold and platinum.
  • What are non-traditional engagement rings?

    Also known as unconventional or alternative engagement rings, non-traditional engagement rings are specially and uniquely made rings that are handcrafted according to the wearer’s wants and ideas. These rings are one-of-a-kind because they deviate from traditional ring designs, favoring more artistic designs, and are made according to the wearer’s specific design details.

  • What makes an engagement ring unique?

    Any ring that is custom-made for the wearer is unique, even if it is inspired by classic styles such as a solitaire or halo setting. That being said, non-traditional rings, however, are particularly unique because they are uncommon, less conventional, and not as widely produced as other classic ring settings. Some unique designs include minimalist rings, two-stone rings, two-tone rings, and rings with uncommon gemstones such as tanzanite or beryl. Other bold non-traditional rings don’t include any center stones at all and are instead composed of smaller gemstones in creative designs.

  • What are the famous non-traditional shapes?

    The most popular non-traditional ring shapes are the split shank rings, two-tone ring designs, and floral motifs. These top three are particular favorites for anyone looking for the truly unconventional. The split shank engagement ring is a design that splits the band as it reaches the center setting which gives it a very alternative style. The two-tone design features a combination of two different metals that complement each other to deliver a stunning alternative look symbolizing the coming together of two different lives. The floral motifs have a center stone surrounded by smaller stones to give a floral appearance. Floral motifs can be customized to feature floral designs that speak to the wearer’s culture or heritage. 

  • Are non-traditional rings affordable?

    Since non-traditional engagement rings do not need to be made of diamond, they are usually less expensive than most other known ring designs. However, the process to create a truly authentic and unique ring could be what drives up the price due to the intricacy of the design and time spent on it. Considerations about the kind, quantity, and quality of gemstone and ring band that will be used must also be made to make a good assessment of the final costs.

  • Is it OK to get a non-diamond ring?

    It is perfectly okay to get a non-diamond ring. In fact, some couples love that they can get a larger gemstone for a lower price, it also looks more unique and stands out among the crowd.

  • What is the next best thing to a real diamond?

    The next best thing to a natural diamond is a lab-grown diamond. There are no visible differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds, they sparkle the same, are just as hard, and have the same color and clarity. Lab-grown diamonds are also more affordable. After ab grown diamonds, white sapphires and moissanite are also common diamond substitutes.

  • Are gemstone rings tacky?

    Not at all. Non-diamond gemstones can be used to create engagement rings as beautiful and elegant as diamond rings. Some of the most glamorous celebrities have gemstone engagement rings such as Kate Middleton’s vibrant blue sapphire. Although they may not be the right fit for everyone, as long as you love your ring and it matches your style, then that is all that matters.

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