Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

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Creating something new can be hard but definitely worth it. Non-traditional designs are a great way to be truly unique and insert a piece of personal history in the ring’s design and symbolism. Some popular non-traditional styles include art-deco, floral, minimalist and modern ring designs. Others choose to go beyond bold and also incorporate raw stones and a mix of metals - known as two tones into their rings.
  • What are non-traditional engagement rings?

    Also known as unconventional or alternative engagement rings, non-traditional engagement rings are specially and uniquely made rings that are handcrafted according to the wearer’s wants and ideas. These rings are one-of-a-kind because they deviate from traditional rings designs, favoring more artistic designs and made according to the wearer’s specific design details.

  • What are the famous non-traditional shapes?

    The most popular non-traditional ring shapes are the split shank rings, two-tone ring designs, and floral motifs. These top three are particular favorites for anyone looking for the truly unconventional. The split shank engagement ring is a design that splits the band as it reaches the center setting which gives it a very alternative style. The two-tone design features a combination of two different metals that complement each other to deliver a stunning alternative look symbolizing the coming together of two different lives. The floral motifs have a center stone surrounded by smaller stones to give a floral appearance. Floral motifs can be customized to feature floral designs that speak to the wearers culture or heritage.

  • Are non traditional rings affordable?

    Since non-traditional engagement rings do not need to be made of diamond, they are usually less expensive than most other known ring designs. However, the process to create a truly authentic and unique ring could be what drives up the price due to the intricacy of the design and time spent on it. Considerations about the kind, quantity and quality of gemstone and ring band that will be used must also be made to make a good assessment on the final costs.

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