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A simple ring is a great choice for those who prefer elegant, yet subtle jewelry. The most common simple ring style is a princess cut diamond in a solitaire setting, as the goal is to focus the attention of the ring on the center stone. Other popular gemstones in simple engagement ring designs include colored gemstones and pearls. In simple engagement rings, the band often plays a more significant role than in a more elaborate ring. There are many choices of material for the band such as white, rose, or yellow gold. Platinum is another popular alternative to gold and goes particularly well with white, sparkly gemstones to reflect their brilliance. Different styles of band such as round, knife-edge, twisted, micro pavé, french pavé, and petite pavé can be incorporated into a simple ring design to give it more character without overshadowing the center stone. Simple engagement rings are also easier to care for and are always fashionable due to their classic style.
  • Is a simple engagement ring better?

    This is up to the taste of the wearer. If they appreciate more subtle gestures, a simple engagement ring might be a good option. They are also often more affordable, making them more accessible. Simple rings can be very sophisticated and eye-catching in a refined way.

  • What is a minimalist ring?

    This is a ring that does not have too many embellishments. Often with a solitaire setting or a simple band. These are a good option for those looking to have a more understated engagement ring that is also easier to care for and will always be fashionable.

  • Are simple engagement rings the same as small engagement rings?

    Small rings can be simple and feature only one gemstone with minimalist design elements as well as have a thinner band and a lighter center stone. However, small rings can also be complicated and feature elaborate designs or several gemstones, as long as they are tiny. The same thing goes with simple rings, they can be both large and small, but as long as the focus of the ring is the center stone and they do not feature elaborate designs then they qualify as a ‘simple’ ring.

  • Are simple engagement rings cheaper?

    Simple engagement rings can be less expensive, but just like all ring types, their price is influenced by the type of materials used in the ring. For example, a very high-quality colorless diamond set in platinum with few embellishments is a simple ring but will be more expensive than an elaborate floral engagement ring with moissanite.

  • Are simple engagement rings better?

    Although simple rings do a great job of drawing attention to the center stone, others may find that they prefer the ring to have more gemstones to add a bit more variety to the ring. Whether one engagement ring style is better than the other is dependent on the individual taste and preference of the wearer.

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