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The ruby is a popular precious stone associated with passion, love, and courage. They are a fantastic way to incorporate a bold color in a ring and they are desired for how they can make a piece radiate. Although they are quite rare, after diamonds, they are the most popular stone of choice for engagement rings. They are rated at 9 on the Mohs scale so they are also a practical choice in terms of durability.

They also range in color, from more of a pink color to a deep blood-red. They can be combined with diamonds for a more classic arrangement or even with other gemstones to create a unique multicolor composition. The most popular shapes that you will find them in are round, which makes the stone sparkle beautifully or oval, particularly with a single or double halo made with diamonds. In addition, another stunning choice is the heart shape which really emphasizes the symbol of love.

  • Are rubies good for engagement rings?

    Yes! They are good not only because they are beautiful, but because they are also quite durable. They are a bold style choice and are the second most popular gem used for engagement rings.

  • What does a ruby ring symbolize?

    There are many meanings for a ruby ring, some common ones are passion, love, courage, emotional balance, wealth and prosperity.

  • Are ruby rings cheaper than diamond rings?

    Rubies tend to be cheaper than diamonds of the same size although it also depends on rarity and the quality of the color of the gems in question. Some of the rarest rubies, the Star Ruby and the Burma Ruby, still cost less per carat than white colorless diamonds. Rubies can also be lab-grown; these rubies are more affordable than mined ones. On average a 1-carat ruby would cost around $1000, whereas a 1-carat diamond would cost upwards of $2500.

  • How common are ruby engagement rings?

    They are very popular for engagement rings. They come in second to diamonds in popularity.

  • Is ruby better than diamond?

    In terms of appearance, this is relative and depends on individual preference. If the goal is to incorporate color into a ring, a ruby is a good choice as their quality is determined by their color. Whereas, if the goal is a traditional sparkle, although rubies will sparkle, diamonds reflect an array of colors and white light. In terms of hardness, diamonds are the hardest stone scoring a 10 on the Mohs scale, and rubies score at 9.

  • Which carat ruby is best?

    The size of the ruby will depend on the owner’s preference, however, typically you can find 1 to 3 carat rubies in engagement rings.

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