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For women, a band is considered ‘wide’ if it is 6mm in width or wider, as most women’s wedding bands are 1.6mm to 1.8mm in width. Some women prefer wide wedding bands as they stand out and make a statement because of their size. A wider wedding band is also a great way to add elements of your style to the ring with elaborate designs such as open work or the addition of diamonds and other colored gemstones.  

Wide wedding bands also look great on all types of hands but are a particularly great choice for women who want a ring that stands out on their hand but also happens to have long fingers and nails. They are also easier to engrave, and thoughtful words or symbols alluding to your love story or personal history can be added to the ring.

  • How wide should a woman's wedding band be?

    Normally a woman’s wedding band will range from 1.6mm to 4mm, with 2mm being the most common choice. However, there is no set ‘rule’ as to the appropriate width of a wedding band. They are normally thinner because they are worn with the engagement ring, and many women find it inconvenient to wear a wider band with an engagement ring, especially if their engagement ring is heavy or features elaborate designs. Ultimately, however, the appropriate length for a wedding band is always up to the wearer’s preferences. Wedding bands can range anywhere from 1mm to 12mm in width.

  • What is considered a wide wedding band?

    Women’s wedding band widths tend to be thinner because they would normally wear their bands with a wedding ring. Most women’s wedding rings normally range from 1.6 millimeters to 4 millimeters. Ultra-thin bands typically fall within the 1.6 to 1.8 millimeter range. A woman’s wedding band is considered ‘wide’ when it is 6 millimeters or more, as this falls into men’s wedding band width range, which is 4 millimeters to 7 millimeters.

  • Is it okay for women to have wide wedding bands?

    Absolutely. Women’s wedding bands are normally thinner than men’s because they are designed with the engagement ring in mind. For some, wearing a wide band with an engagement ring by its side may be inconvenient, or they prefer to only wear their engagement ring on certain occasions, especially after their wedding, preferring their wedding band for everyday use. If you plan to only wear your wedding ring, then a wide band is a great way to also incorporate stylish designs or engravings, so your wedding band stands out just as much as your engagement ring.

  • Are wide wedding bands worth it?

    Wide wedding bands allow room for even more creativity and are easier to engrave, which is perfect if you would like to add a thoughtful note or symbol to your ring. For others with more active lifestyles, wide wedding bands are also a more practical choice as they are more resistant to breakage than ultra-thin bands. Because of their added durability, you also have more options in terms of what metals you could choose for your band. Softer metals such as gold, for example, are not suitable for ultra-thin bands, as they are prone to breakage. Ultra-thin bands would normally need stronger and, thus, more expensive metals like titanium and tungsten to increase their durability.

  • Does ring width affect ring size?

    Wider bands fit more cozily than thinner bands, so this will affect the ring’s size/circumference. Depending on the size of your fingers, a wider ring may need to be a larger size to fit properly over your finger. Your jeweler will help you find the perfect size and fit for your wide wedding band.

  • How do I choose a wedding band?

    Just like engagement rings, many brides prefer wedding bands that match their taste and lifestyle. When choosing the right wedding band, it’s best to start as early as possible to explore your options as well as give your jeweler enough time to create something that you will be happy with. While it isn’t mandatory, many brides draw inspiration from their engagement ring and would like a style that matches, as these rings are often worn together.

    However, if you plan on only wearing your wedding band, then you can go ahead and choose a unique style and design altogether. It is also important to keep your lifestyle in mind, such as your day-to-day activities, when choosing the right ring, as it generally should be suitable for everyday use.

  • Must I get a wide engagement ring with a wide wedding band?

    There was once a belief that your wedding ring and engagement ring bands should be the same width, in order to compliment each other… but this is not really true anymore, for lots of reasons.

    • If you choose a wide wedding ring, a wide engagement ring may not fit on your hand comfortably.
    • Many diamond engagement ring settings, do not suit a wide band.
    • You may not always were your engagement ring, or might choose to wear it on another hand.  A wedding ring may then take center stage, with a wider one being a more dramatic solo performer.
    • As long as they are made together, a wide wedding band can be made to perfectly suit a narrower band engagement ring.
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