Is It Too Soon To Buy Your New Partner Jewelry?

You found someone. You think they might be “your person”.  It’s too soon to tell for sure, but you feel like this could be it. Immediately you start thinking about gifts, surprises, experiences, and ways to show you care. You might also be fearful of coming on too strong.

The new york times published an article about gift giving where psychologists weigh in on the human brain and how we react to giving and receiving gifts. One psychologist said it’s the gift GIVER that reaps more psychological gain from the exchange. Consider this when purchasing something for a new relationship. Are you gifting to show you care or to gain personal satisfaction or to impress?
The article states that there have been studies on pets and pet parents. The studies proved that the act of giving is in our nature even when we know it cannot be reciprocated.  When we gift a new toy to our furry friends, we know they cannot return the gesture, but our gain is in seeing their happiness.
It’s also important to consider what personality type your new partner is. The very popular book “The Five Love Languages”  demonstrates 5 different personality types that show and receive love differently. Get to know your partner before assuming that the act of gifting is the way to their heart. If you find out your partner’s love language is gifting, don’t worry! The author says “Don’t mistake this love language for materialism; the receiver of gifts thrives on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift.”
We suggest starting with a pair of earrings. They’re not intimidating to give or to receive. 
Looking for something that says commitment? Try a NON-engagement ring.
Make sure you take note of the type of metals your partner prefers. If he/she wears mainly silver, you want to make sure your gift compliments his/her current style.
Bracelets are also an intimidation-free piece to give.
Turn your gift into the perfect date
If you’re local to Brentwood, California turn your jewelry purchase into a dream date. We suggest starting at the romantic lunch or dinner spot. Check out these restaurants nearby.
Make sure you purchase the gift before you arrive at our store. There’s nothing more awkward than paying for a gift in front of your date. Taking the money exchange out of the process makes the gift more sentimental and thoughtful.
If you’re not ready to start showering your loved one in diamonds, go for an experience. We recommend taking a cooking class together at Sur La Table. 
No matter what you choose, we want to congratulate you on finding love. We would love to hear your love story! Submit your unique story to our social team for a chance to be featured on our blog. Send submissions to:
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