Jewelry trends in 2018

Whether you’re into accessories or high-end luxury jewelry, you probably noticed some interesting trends this past year.
This article from explains the sales and impression trends from jewelry this year. According to the article, earrings made the biggest splash.
Trends change every year. Sometimes they take a turn for the extreme. Currently, tassels are taking center stage. Brands like Bauble Bar, Madewell, and J Crew jumped on the hot trend.
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Stars like Emma Watson are wearing threaders. This look is simple, unique, and comfortable. This style of earrings can be easily dressed up or down, which is why we love it!
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Even engagement ring trends changed. Marquise styles increased in popularity and people are even opting to wear a marquise shape with a halo. In 2018 we noticed that consumers of jewelry preferred styles that felt classic. We predict that this trend will only continue to grow in 2019.
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One of the more obvious trends this year- hoops! People opted for hoops that were larger than life, but we’re still a fan of a timeless hoop that’s more practical and elegant.
Have you noticed top fashion gurus and celebrities wearing mismatched earrings? We suggest using styles you already have that coordinate. Why not stand out? Make sure the styles are different enough that it looks purposeful and not like you skipped your morning coffee.
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Personalized jewelry came back stronger than ever in 2018. We don’t foresee this slowing down any time soon.
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Stars are wearing their own names, their pet’s names, their boyfriend’s names, mother’s names, and more! This style can be worn as an accessory or as fine jewelry. Since it’s a sentimental piece, we suggest going for quality.
Studs are always in, but we’ve seen them noticeably trending up. People are choosing a much larger stud. Studs with unique shapes are a top choice currently for many jewelry enthusiasts.
Layering is probably the most important trend of the year. We’re no longer choosing one necklace, one pair of earrings, and one bracelet. Pack on all of your favorite coordinating pieces for a bold look. A layered set of jewelry can dress up your most simple outfits.
In a recent article, Vogue predicts that zodiac earrings, long layered necklaces, giant hearts, head jewelry, and asymmetric earrings will be the most popular in 2019.
What was your favorite style of 2018? Which jewelry trend could you do without? We want to hear from you. Comment or share this blog with your feedback!
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