The Pros and Cons of Different Diamond Shapes: Part I

Round Cut

With its exceptional brilliance and classic appeal, the round cut is the most popular shape for engagement rings. Having 58 facets to reflect light, these stones are dazzling and attention grabbing. Additionally, they are both versatile, as they are visually pleasing in almost any setting, and less prone to chipping due to their rounded edge. However, this cut can be more costly than other shapes, which is partly due to popularity and the cutting process.

Custom bridal set with round brilliant engagement ring

Stunning engagement ring featuring a round brilliant cut

Oval Cut

Following rounds in popularity, the oval cut is another shape with a great deal of brilliance. The ovular shape can lengthen the look of the finger and often has a larger appearance than its round counterpart. Alternatively, it is appealing in an east-west setting for those who want a more unique style. Like a round, an oval-cut diamond has smooth edges, reducing the risk of chipping the stone. Additionally, due to their shape, ovals exhibit a degree of light leakage, causing a bowtie pattern in the diamond. This is Peter’s favorite shape, and we excel in finding excellent cut ovals with a minimal bowtie.

Handcrafted east-west engagement ring

Cushion Cut

Experiencing a resurgence in popularity, the cushion cut has a vintage appeal. Like an actual cushion, this shape can be either square or rectangular and has protective rounded edges. Though it does not have the brilliance of other cuts, the cushion tends to have larger facets that show excellent fire, giving off striking flashes of color. This is one of the reasons that cushion cuts are also an excellent choice if you are in the market for a colored diamond. However, cushions face up smaller than other cuts because they are cut deeper to achieve their sparkle.

Custom-made cushion-cut ring with split shank

Princess Cut

The princess cut is a great option for buyers seeking a square shape. This is a brilliant cut that can hide flaws and has optimum sparkle. Princess cuts have four sharp corners, giving them a geometric, contemporary appeal. However, these corners are prone to chipping, and the stone must be worn with care.

Handmade rose gold princess-cut ring

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