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Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

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Color is great but what is greater is a color that showcases what you feel. Get an engagement ring that communicates your warmth and affection just as beautifully as you wear it from our catalog of yellow diamond engagement rings.
  • Is yellow diamond more expensive?

    With colored diamonds, the rarity of the gem and the intensity of its color contribute greatly to its price. The yellow diamond is not as expensive as other colored diamonds such as the red diamond because it is less rare, but it is more expensive than white diamonds. The yellow diamond can still be a great purchase for an engagement ring due to its affordability and beauty.

  • What does a yellow diamond engagement ring mean?

    The eye-catching yellow diamond engagement ring is symbolic of love and optimism which makes it a great purchase for an engagement ring. The warmth of the yellow color of the diamond is what makes this ring so popular, especially when set in a white gold or platinum band with white diamond side stones, which really emphasize the brightness of the gem.

  • Does yellow diamond sparkle?

    Naturally, any type of diamond including the yellow diamond sparkles. When it comes to intensity, however, the poor light reflection properties of the yellow diamond leave its sparkle outmatched by the colorless diamond that has a more pronounced and noticeable sparkle and brilliance. The quality and cut of the diamond also plays a role in its brilliance.

  • What cut is best for yellow diamonds?

    Due to its color, the yellow diamond engagement ring is strongly suited to a radiant-cut or cushion-cut design that allows for the achievement of the highest level of brilliance and sparkle. The 58 large facets in the cushion-cut and 70 smaller facets in the radiant-cut allow for a good amount of light to be reflected in the diamond, increasing their brilliance.

  • Why are yellow diamonds special?

    The yellow diamond engagement ring, also known as the canary diamond ring, has the  most popular colored diamond famous for its warmth and slight hues ranging from green to brown that make it even more breathtaking to look at. The nitrogen composition in the diamond is what makes this distinct color possible. They are also appealing because they are different from the widely known colorless or white diamonds.

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