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Lab-grown diamonds possess all the qualities of natural diamonds – brilliance, sparkle and value. Anything that you could do with a natural diamond, you can do with a lab-grown diamond. Whether that is placing them in a solitaire setting, having them cut in a variety of ways such as pear, radiant, or brilliant – you would still be assured of the same sparkle.

The greatest advantage they have over natural diamonds is their affordability – costing approximately 40-50% less per carat than natural diamonds. Another major difference is the presence of inclusions – lab grown diamonds have higher clarity grades because they are formed under controlled conditions.

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  • Are laboratory diamonds worth anything?

    Side-by-side, a lab, and a natural diamond engagement ring will virtually look  the same without any difference. Both diamonds have identical uses and features with just the difference in price, that is, lab diamonds cost about 40% to 50% less than natural diamonds. An added worth to lab diamonds different from mined diamonds would be that they are ethical and eco-friendly thus affording the wearer luxury at a lesser cost to the environment. They also have a resale value, which will be a portion of the original price, just as mined diamonds.

  • Do lab diamonds pass the diamond tester?

    Lab diamonds have the same crystallized carbon makeup, and the same heat conductivity like any other diamond which means that they also test as real diamonds on a diamond tester.

  • How long do lab grown diamonds last?

    Possessing the same chemical build-up as mined diamonds, lab diamonds also have the durability and lengthy shelf-life of their natural counterparts with no chance of dulling or loss in sparkle. Lab diamonds are budget-friendly and just as suitable for an engagement ring as natural ones.

  • Can you insure a lab grown diamond?

    Lab diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds which makes them just as eligible for insurance as any mined diamond. The brilliance, sparkle, and durability of the lab diamond give it just as much insurance value, and not to mention, they test positive as diamonds.

  • What are the advantages to buying a lab grown diamond?

    Lab diamonds are not only very affordable, but they are also cost-effective and conflict-free, because they are lab-grown no ethical issues would arise in relation to their origin. Made under controlled conditions, lab diamonds also boast a higher purity and clarity in comparison to natural diamonds with no visible inclusions.