Floral Engagement Rings

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The detail of an engagement ring is probably one of the important things when considering one. Nothing does that better than a carefully crafted floral engagement rings that give added character and uniqueness to a ring. Nearly similar to halo designs, floral rings use a cluster of smaller stones around the center stone - giving it a larger appearance.
  • What is a floral engagement rings?

    Floral engagement rings use a selection of gemstones to create a beautiful botanical design representative of love and nature. This ring design features different stones such as round and  oval cuts to create the center of the flower design and marquise and pear cuts for petals in the floral design pattern.

  • Can floral engagement rings be made in a vintage design?

    Yes indeed!  Peter Norman engagement rings are all 100% custom.  Not customised – custom.  So if you have a desire for a floral engagement ring, with a vintage design we can certainly make one for you.

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