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Floral Engagement Rings

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Floral engagement rings, also referred to as flower engagement rings, are a unique and non-traditional ring type that incorporate floral motifs such as leaves into the ring setting and design, making the ring resemble a flower. Some floral engagement rings are similar to halo designs and use a cluster of smaller stones around the center stone to mimic petals on a flower. They are a unique and creative expression of blooming love, and some designs can also make a center stone appear larger. Prong settings can also be used to give these types of rings a floral appearance. They are a glamorously feminine and classic ring type, popularly found in some vintage ring designs. Other floral designs use fancy cuts such as marquise and pearl cuts as side stones to mimic flower leaves. These rings are versatile and can incorporate any kind of gemstone or band material to suit the wearer’s preferences. They also tastefully express creativity such as the use of marquise emerald side stones to create petal leaves.
  • What are floral engagement rings?

    Floral engagement rings are rings that incorporate floral motifs into the ring design such as using a selection of smaller gemstones to mimic petals around a larger gemstone to create a beautiful botanical design. Floral rings can also use the prong setting to create floral designs. Floral ring designs may also feature different stones such as round and oval cuts to create the center of the flower design and marquise and pear cuts as side stones for petals in a floral design pattern.

  • Are floral-shaped engagement rings a vintage design?

    Floral engagement rings can incorporate vintage designs such as the traditional halo ring setting which was first popular during the Gregorian era (1714 to c. 1830–37) or the use of the milgrain technique. The milgrain technique uses small beads of metal to create borders on the ring. However, nowadays, it is also common to see floral motifs being incorporated into rings through innovative prong settings and the use of different colored and different shaped gemstones, which are more modern design elements. You can ask your jeweler to create a floral engagement ring that is either influenced by modern or vintage design styles of your choice.

  • Are floral engagement rings non-traditional rings?

    Floral engagement rings are largely non-traditional because their design is quite unique, in contrast to more classic ring designs such as the diamond solitaire, which is the most popular ring design.

  • What celebrity has a floral engagement ring?

    Katy Perry’s engagement ring from Orlando Bloom is a floral engagement ring. The ring features a center ruby surrounded by smaller diamonds in what is known as a halo setting. The ring is set in a yellow gold band which greatly complements the color of the ruby.

  • Do floral engagement rings look bigger?

    The center stone in a floral engagement ring, particularly in a ring that uses a halo setting, will look larger than its actual carat weight. The smaller diamonds or gemstones surrounding the gemstone elevate the center stone, making it appear bigger than it actually is.

  • What metal goes best with a floral engagement ring?

    The choice of metal for a floral engagement ring largely depends on the gemstones used in the ring but also on the wearer’s preferences. A platinum or white gold band for example is an excellent choice for a floral ring that uses all-white gemstones as it will bring out their brilliance. Yellow gold is a popular pairing for ruby center stones as it brings out the gemstone’s color. However, colored bands such as rose gold and yellow gold may also be used to draw attention to the floral design.

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