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Responsible Craftsmanship


Responsible Craftsmanship

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Custom Designs Exceptional Craftsmanship

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Custom Designs Exceptional Craftsmanship

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

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Custom Designs Exceptional Craftsmanship

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Custom Designs Exceptional Craftsmanship

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

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Custom Designs Exceptional Craftsmanship

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Custom Designs Exceptional Craftsmanship

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Conflict Free. Ethically Sourced Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds

From the beginning, we set out to be more than just another jewelry company.

Pear-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with a Scattered Diamond Band
Round Brilliant-Cut With Hidden Halo
Two-Tone Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Hidden Halo
Elongated Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold
Let's Create Your Dream

Engagement Ring

Let’s design your dream ring together! Choose your perfect center stone, and we will handcraft your ring around it.

Custom Rings for Everyone

Contemporary, Vintage, Classic, Understated, Spectacular.  Something for everyone.

Peter is a master Jeweler, hands down one of the best in Los Angeles. I know a lot of his work is with diamonds but I asked him to find me two matching…
My now wife and I made an appointment to meet with Peter for the first time, to choose a custom engagement ring together. Peter listened to and was able to…
I had my vintage Chanel necklace resized here and they were very Covid-safe, removed the Links and even cleaned my necklace for a very Iow price! I will..
peter norman


Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring with Trapezoid Side Stones
Bezel-Set Asscher-Cut Ring in Yellow Gold
Three Stone Engagement Ring
Yellow Gold Round Engagement Ring
Oval Engagement Ring
Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring
Round Diamond Engagement Ring
East-West Engagement Ring
Two-Tone Emerald-Cut Solitaire Ring
Two-Tone Emerald-Cut Solitaire Ring
East-West Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with a Platinum Head and Yellow Gold Band

Discover your

Lady Fur Ring

Personal Ring Style

Something vintage or something contemporary?  A simple, elegant, understated ring or dazzling pave diamonds and intricate details?

Connect with us to design your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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what our clients say


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  • I was at first concerned about buying a ring from across the country, but the Google reviews were so good, and a chat with peter gave me the confidence to proceed. So happy I did, a fantastic result for me, I love my ring!
    Jean Anne Booth
  • I had my vintage Chanel necklace resized here and they were very Covid-safe, removed the links and even cleaned my necklace for a very low price! I will definitely give them my business again.
    Jocelyn B.
  • I am so beyond in love with my ring. My fiance said nothing but amazing things about working with Peter to create the custom ring of my dreams. We will most certainly be returning for our wedding bands and will be recommending Peter and his team to friends and family!
    Zoe S.
  • I get so many compliments on my ring- it’s beautiful, it’s unique, it’s dainty but stunning! I also love the Peter Norman sales team. I stop by regularly with my Frenchie Lulu. They give her treats and belly rubs while my rings gets a complimentary cleaning. Stop by and take a look!
    Bettina H.
Four Prong Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Peter Norman is one of Los Angeles’ most celebrated wedding jewelers, with his custom made engagement rings and wedding bands taking center place in hundreds of weddings over the last 20 years. Each engagement ring is custom designed, built to order, and can suit any budget: from the simply elegant 1-carat solitaires to the exquisite pieces fit for (and sometimes purchased by) royalty.

Peter provides an in-store experience for his Los Angeles clientele but additionally has a nationwide customer base that he services online.

Our clients are all looking for something special, but all are also looking for one thing.  The best price on a diamond for their ring.  Peter Norman’s diamond pricing is the best in Los Angeles.  Routinely, new customers come to us commenting how much cheaper Peter Norman’s prices are on diamonds compared to other jewelers such as Brilliant Earth.

If you are looking for a peerless engagement ring, wedding ring or a custom-made jewelry masterpiece, you needn’t look further than the 300+ 5-star reviews to let you know you are in the right place.

See how we stack up on “Best Jewelers LA” and also as an “Alternative to Brilliant Earth or as an Alternative to Blue Nile, James Allen or Tiffany

  • Can I visit instore in Los Angeles to design my engagement ring?

    Yes, Peter Norman provides a Los Angeles instore consultation service to help you take an engagement ring design from idea, to concept to the finished piece.

  • Where can I get Custom Jewelry Designed and Manufactured in Los Angeles

    Why.. with Peter Norman of course! Peter is one of the most celebrated jewelers in Los Angeles.  NONE of his pieces are off the shelf, or even only customized.  Each piece is an original.  Got your own metals or gemstones from a family heirloom?  Bring them in and let Peter bring new life to them. Or start from new – your chose.

  • Can you design my engagement ring over the web?

    Indeed we can!  With Covid-19 this has become a much larger part of our business.  We can correspond by email, chat with you over Zoom, present design sketches, models of pieces etc.  Many of our engagement ring customers never step foot inside our store.

  • Who is the best wedding jeweler in Los Angeles?

    Well, look, we are biased as of course we think we are… but if you wanted to instead rely on reviews, Peter Norman has the highest number of 5-star reviews of any jeweler in Los Angeles and has been around for over 20 years. But don’t take our word for it – we are ranked the No.1 Jeweler in LA. So don’t just talk out word for it, take the word of our many hundreds of happy customers.

  • Where can I buy unique jewelry in Los Angeles?

    All Peter Norman pieces are unique.  The jewelry on our website are examples of our work, but each piece is custom made and no two pieces are ever identical.  Unlike other stores that offer you the chance to customise a piece… all our pieces are 100% custom, not customized.

  • Where is the best place for engagement rings in Los Angeles?

    If the best place is the place where you have the most custom options, an instore consultancy, wholesale prices on mined and lab-grown diamonds, the highest ratings for any jeweler in the USA, let alone Los Angeles, then Peter Norman’s is the best place for Los Angeles engagement rings.

  • Can I get a Vintage engagement ring in Los Angeles

    Peter Norman jewelry can design and manufacture a vintage-style engagement ring, though we do not directly trade in vintage engagement rings.

  • How many carats should an engagement ring have?

    It depends on a number of factors. For instance, will there be only one stone or will there be many? Pavé style bands and halos can also add carats to an engagement ring, even if a focal stone is modest in size.

    Don’t forget that the cut of a stone can factor into weight and also perceived size. A well-cut high-quality stone in an ideal setting can make a ring look larger and more impressive. This is where working with an expert custom jeweler can save you money while giving you an engagement ring that leaves a big impression, no matter the number of carats.

  • Do you sell moissanite engagement rings

    Yes, we do.  Moissanite is a beautiful stone for engagement rings and we are selling more and more moissanite engagement rings

  • Where can I buy lab grown diamond engagement rings in Los Angeles

    Peter Norman are one of Los Angeles leading sellers of lab-grown diamond engagement rings.  Demand for such stones is booming and no wonder.  A lab-grown diamond is indistinguishable from a mined diamond to the natural eye but is available at a much lower cost.  Brilliance and beauty, on a budget.

  • How many carats should an engagement diamond be?

    There’s no specific minimum weight, most people buy the best diamond they can afford. 

    Here in the United States, the average engagement ring has a one-carat stone. In the United Kingdom and Europe, the size of engagement ring diamonds is slightly smaller at about half a carat. In the end, an engagement diamond’s weight comes down to the preferences of the giver and the wearer.

  • When to upgrade an engagement ring?

    Any time is a good time to upgrade! Many people may feel like upgrading engagement rings when they’re more financially comfortable. 

    Upgrading engagement rings to mark significant life events is also very common, think big birthdays, important anniversaries, or the birth or graduation of a child. If you’re looking for engagement ring upgrade ideas, check out Peter Norman’s guide.

  • Where to buy unique engagement rings?

    At a custom jeweler such as Peter Norman. Choosing custom over off-the-shelf or customizable means you’re guaranteed that no one else has the exact same ring. Plus, a custom jeweler can help you craft the unique engagement ring of your dreams. 

    Get started on your one-off ring. Contact us and we’ll help turn your engagement ring ideas into reality.

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