Upgrading and Engagement Ring

Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

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People upgrade their engagement rings for a number of reasons. Some people grow out of their past style and aesthetic, while some upgrade rings to renew their wedding vows or celebrate a major anniversary.

Others redo their engagement rings when they have more financial freedom or simply because they want something a little bigger, smaller, or more sparkly. Whatever your reason, there is a range of engagement ring upgrade options:

12 Ways to upgrade your engagement ring

Is it okay to upgrade my engagement ring?

As a custom jeweler, Peter Norman frequently upgrades engagement rings. Here we share some of the ways we can help update your ring.

12 Ways to upgrade your engagement ring

From a change of band to a full replacement, consider these engagement ring upgrades and pick the option that best suits your ring and style.

1. Upgrade the center stone

Upgrading the center stone is a popular choice, especially among couples who now have more financial freedom than when they purchased their original ring.

Switching from a small stone to a larger stone or from a simulant (stones that resemble a diamond but have different properties, not to be confused with real lab-grown diamonds) to a diamond instantly adds extra sparkle and makes an engagement ring feel fresh.

If you’re investing in a larger center gem, going up in size adds extra carat weight and perhaps even a little gravitas to your ring.

2. Change the center stone’s shape

Another option for your ring’s center stone is changing the original gem’s cut. Many people aren’t aware but depending on the original stone’s cut and size, it is possible to change a diamond’s cut.

For example, if your original ring features an emerald-cut diamond, you might be able to have your stone replaced with a radiant cut. Your jeweler is happy to give you ideas as well.

3. Invest in an extra band

If you love your engagement ring and don’t want to change it but do want something a little extra, adding an additional band to your engagement ring stack is a great option. This is an especially popular choice to commemorate an anniversary.

Instead of modifying to your old ring, you’ll select a new band that complements your ring and your first wedding band.

With this option, you have a range of choices from a dazzling round brilliant-cut eternity band set in icy platinum to a more subtle sparkle with baguette diamonds in warm yellow gold. Browse our range of wedding bands for inspiration and find a ring that complements your engagement ring and original wedding band.

4. Redo the settings

Your engagement ring’s setting is how your gems are set in the ring’s metal band. Settings can make or break a ring’s overall design and aesthetic, and even the most brilliant diamond can lose some of its shine and impact if poorly set.

Settings have an important job to do: accentuate the center stone’s beauty. If you think your engagement ring’s setting isn’t quite doing its job, you might be right.

Before you decide on a new setting, consult with your jeweler or get in touch with Peter Norman. Bring your ring in for us to look at or provide pictures of your engagement ring and we can advise on setting upgrades. We know our stones, and we understand exactly how to make them the star of the show.

5. Change the ring’s precious metal

Love the style and arrangement of your engagement ring’s stone or stones but want to change the precious metal? Changing an engagement ring’s metal color is a popular upgrade option.

Styles come and go, and our personal taste changes as we go through life. Changing an engagement ring from white to rose or yellow gold, or vice versa, is the perfect way to keep current and update your ring’s aesthetic. Today, platinum, one of the most exclusive precious metals, is also a popular choice for engagement rings.

Before you decide on a new metal, try rings of different types to see how the new metal matches your skin tone and pairs with your wedding band.

6. Modify the band

If your engagement ring features a simple metal band, you might want to add some extra dazzle and brilliance by choosing a pavé band or add baguettes to flank the center stone. If you’re looking for a more contemporary style, upgrading your ring to include elegant dual thin bands, as seen on Beyonce’s stunning engagement ring, is another option.

Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring
Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring with halo

7. Add extra stones to a solitaire

Where an engagement ring’s setting refers to how the gem or gems are set on the ring, the number and arrangement of stones is known as its style. One such style is the enduringly popular solitaire, a single gem atop a band.

If you have a solitaire ring and you’re looking for a little extra pizazz, adding stones and changing the ring’s style is a great upgrade option. One way to do this is to add side stones to create a three-stone design. There are numerous shape options, from tapered baguettes to half moons. Browse our range of engagement rings for inspiration. As a custom jeweler, Peter Norman can help you create your dream ring no matter what your original ring looks like.

8. Add a halo to a solitaire

A halo is a ring of smaller stones that surround the center stone, giving it additional brilliance. Halos have the added benefit of making center stones appear bigger. If you want a larger look but don’t want to entirely replace your center stone, adding a halo is a great option.

Round Diamond Ring
Round Diamond 2 side stones

9. Introduce a pop of color

Diamonds may very well be a girl’s best friend, but plenty of other precious stones offer beautiful sparkle and come in a diverse range of colors.

A deep red ruby or a cornflower blue sapphire can beautifully accentuate a white diamond. Alternatively, these precious gems can be the star of the show. Cool yet sophisticated emeralds, as seen in Zoe Saldana and Halle Berry’s rings, make a real statement. A range of fancy colored diamonds can also give an older engagement ring a modern update.

10. Have your ring engraved

While it’s not an overhaul, having your engagement ring engraved is the perfect upgrade option if you and your partner want a simple way to mark a special occasion. Engravings are a wonderful way to commemorate a milestone such as an anniversary, or you can do something as simple as engraving your partner’s initials into the band.

No matter your reason, engraving is the ideal way to retain everything you love about your engagement ring while adding a little additional sentiment, making the ring even more meaningful.

11. Incorporate inherited jewels

Engagement rings often stay in families for generations, and their significance and sentimental value increase over the years. If you’ve inherited jewels from a family member, be it from a necklace or earrings, one way to keep them in the family and enjoy them every day is to incorporate these into your own engagement ring.

Your options here will, to an extent, be dictated by the jewels’ shape and size. Inherited jewels make excellent flanking stones, or if the center stone is bigger, it can be used to replace a smaller stone.

12. Consider a total replacement

Sometimes you simply outgrow your old setting. If that’s the case for you, and you don’t think any of the upgrade options above will work for your ring, consider a total replacement.

We’re custom jewelers, and we understand that not everyone wants an engagement ring that’s similar to other peoples’ rings — we value unique craftsmanship. If that sounds like you, a one-of-a-kind ring could be the best option.

Is it okay to upgrade my engagement ring?

If you’re deciding whether you want to upgrade your engagement ring, rest assured that ring upgrades are very common. Upgrading is a decision that you and your spouse should make together.

We know that your engagement ring holds sentimental value, and we also know that making tweaks to an old ring or even replacing the ring entirely doesn’t detract from this value in any way. Rings signify love and commitment. You want a ring that resonates with you and one that best represents your love.

Please come in to see us or get in touch to discuss your engagement ring options. We would love to help you design and create your dream ring.

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