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Three Stone Engagement Rings

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Also known as trilogy or trinity rings, three-stone engagement rings feature three gemstones that symbolize past, present, and future. This design was introduced in 2001 as an anniversary gift but they are now known as a popular engagement ring style. the classic three-stone ring stone ring will feature a larger center stone with smaller side stones, however, modern designs incorporate gems of the same size or of three different sizes.

Three-stone rings are very versatile as the style choices are limitless, allowing designs to incorporate varied shapes, colors, and sizes to create a very unique ring. All gems can be diamonds, a diamond flanked by two colored gems or the other way round. Three stone rings can be set in pave bands for added glamour or plain bands to draw focus to the gemstones. Some three-stone rings can also incorporate halo settings to elevate the gemstones.

  • Can engagement rings have 3 stones?

    Engagement rings can have three stones, this allows the ring to have endless style options. They are also a great way to add different gemstones and different cuts to one design.

  • Are three-stone engagement rings more expensive?

    While a three-stone ring is normally pricier than a solitaire ring, the cost of a three-stone ring also largely depends on the types of gemstones being used in the ring. It is very possible to choose more affordable gemstones that will in total be equal to or even lower than the price of one gem. Other ring features such as the metal and band design will also affect the price and need to be taken into consideration. 

  • Are 3 stone rings popular?

    Three-stone rings were first introduced in 2001 as an anniversary gift ring but became popular engagement rings over time. They are the third most popular ring setting, the top two being solitaire and halo settings respectively. 

  • What kind of band goes with a 3 stone ring?

    The kind of band used in a three-stone ring will depend on the gemstones used and the wearer’s taste. Some may prefer plain and simple bands to allow the gems to be the focal point of the ring, while others prefer more elaborate and glamorous designs. The band color, whether rose, yellow, white gold, or platinum will also depend on the color of the gemstones used to see which best complements them. 

  • What Are The Differences Between Three Stone Engagement Rings And Solitaire Engagement Rings?

    Solitaire engagement rings only have one gemstone; three stone engagement rings have three.

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