Holiday Jewelry Gift Ideas You Never Would Have Thought Of…

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With the holidays approaching, the stress ensues. But why should a wonderful thing such as giving gifts be negative? Maybe because it gets harder every single year to top last year’s gift and with so many products on the market we are left feeling overwhelmed. Some people have the unfortunate task of shopping for someone who seemingly already has everything he/she wants. We put together some really unique jewelry gift ideas for your loved ones that you probably haven’t thought of. Whether your budget is high or low, we have some ideas for you!

For your Best Friend screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-11-41-38-am

Your best friend is there for you year round. There are many lavish gifts that show your appreciation around Christmas time, but let’s think on a more sentimental level.

Have you ever thought of matching rings? Right away it might sound a little too romantic, but that all depends on the ring itself and the finger it goes on. Pinky rings can be symbolic of a “pinky promise”. One of the best perks to choosing this gift? You’re getting a gift too! Here is an option for friendship rings that accommodates any budget..

Friendship rings from Peter Norman jewelers in Brentwood, California.
If you’re looking to spend a little bit more, check out these two amazing bypass rings. We are loving the symbolism of the two stones on each one.
Friendship rings from Peter Norman Jewelers in Brentwood, California.

Birth stone gifts aren’t unheard of, but pairing birthstones with diamonds? Pretty classy.

Birth stone earrings with a diamond halo
  OK, a little off topic… but this is just so fine!  A human-size dog bed, for both you and your dog.  Just awesome, from MiLounge
MiLounge human dog bed
human dog bed
Initial necklaces are making a HUGE comeback, Remember that name necklace Carrie Bradshaw wore? carrie-bradshaw-necklace

What’s even better? Message necklaces…. These have become very popular at Peter Norman Jewelers for couples and family members. Many of our loyal customers are part of the LGBT community and have also taken a special liking to this design.

Message necklace from Peter Norman’s in Brentwood, California
    The idea is to keep the key until the message on it has been fulfilled in your own life, and then you pass it on to another person in need of the message. Let’s also not forget: ‘Tis the season to get down on one knee, and we don’t have to explain the incredible message behind an engagement ring. Our advice? Get it made custom.. Because everyone is different and deserves the ring of their dreams.
Custom engagement ring from Peter Norman Jewelers
Jewelry can seem (at first) to be a superficial gift, but there is much more to be admired than the beauty of it all. There are endless limits to the creativity and the sentimental value of jewelry. If you are looking to create a custom piece for your loved one, Call us at 310.820.8787 or email You may also visit our Brentwood location: 11640 San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049 With love, The team at Peter Norman Jewelers

By Peter Norman

Peter Norman is one of Los Angeles’ most celebrated wedding jewelers, with his custom-made engagement rings and wedding bands taking center place in hundreds of weddings over the last 20 years. Each engagement ring is custom designed, built to order, and can suit any budget: from the simply elegant 1-carat solitaires to the exquisite pieces fit for (and sometimes purchased by) royalty.


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