July Birthstone: Ruby

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Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. Symbolizing love and passion, ruby is one of the world’s most desired gemstones. “The king of gems” has been thought to have powers such as blessing its wearer with good fortune and curing disease. In addition to their perceived powers, rubies have exceptional hardness (second only to diamonds). This makes them a great option for all types of jewelry.

Beautiful and rare, rubies command some of the highest prices of all gems. Color is the most important factor in determining the price of a ruby, and rubies are most valuable when they are the vibrant to slightly purplish red for which they are known. This color is often referred to as “pigeon’s blood red.” Origin can also affect a stone’s value. Rubies from the Mogok region of Myanmar are highly prized for their vibrant stones and historic value. However, countries such as Vietnam and Mozambique are also significant ruby producers.

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