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Restyling or Remaking Your Ring

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Diamonds are forever, but for us mere mortals, time marches on. It’s almost certain that at some point in time,  the diamond jewelry of a beloved, recently passed relative will find its way into your life.

Whilst that beautiful diamond ring made in 1945 may have looked absolutely perfect on Great Aunt Lidia – jewelry designs evolve over time. What was trendy decades ago might not align with today’s preferences. Rather than let a beautiful piece, holding sentimental (and actual) value languish in a drawer, consider updating its look.  In doing so you can infuse the piece with contemporary appeal whilst retaining its sentimental value.

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Restyling vs. Remaking, What’s the Difference?

Restyling and remaking a ring may sound similar, but they actually refer to very different processes. Both involve altering an existing ring, but the extent of the changes and the end results can vary significantly. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

Restyling a Ring

What it is: Restyling involves modifying an existing ring to update its appearance or incorporate new elements. This could mean adding new gemstones, changing the setting, or combining elements from multiple old pieces into a new design.
Extent of Changes: Generally, restyling keeps a significant portion of the original ring intact. The core structure usually remains the same, and the changes are more about embellishment or minor alterations.
Cost: Restyling is often less expensive than remaking a ring because it utilizes many of the existing materials and requires less labor.
Time: Usually quicker than remaking, as fewer changes are involved.
Examples: Adding a halo to a solitaire diamond, incorporating new side stones, or changing the type of prong setting.

Remaking a Ring

What it is: Remaking a ring involves completely transforming the existing piece. This could mean melting down the metal to create a new band or setting or even changing the type of ring altogether (e.g., turning an engagement ring into a pendant).
Extent of Changes: Remaking involves entirely remaking the mounting. It’s a more radical transformation, resulting in a piece that looks entirely different from the original.
Cost: Remaking a ring is generally more expensive than restyling because it often requires new materials and more labor-intensive work.
Time: Remaking a ring usually takes longer due to the complexity of the changes.
Examples: Changing a yellow gold ring to white gold or platinum, switching from a bezel setting to a prong setting, or completely redesigning the ring with a new style and additional gemstones.

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Peter Norman’s Consulting Service

Considering a refresh for your engagement ring? Peter Norman offers a dedicated consulting service to address your queries and concerns. Whether you connect with us in-store or online, our consultants prioritize understanding the significance of your ring. We collaborate with you to maintain its treasured elements while infusing it with a contemporary touch that represents your evolving love story.

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A unique service

Peter Norman’s services are truly unmatched when it comes to restyling or remaking your engagement ring. The extent of customization options at other jewelers stops at swapping different stones or other design features. However, Peter Norman understands that just as every love story is unique, so should the rings that represent them.

Increase the sentimental value of your ring

There are several reasons to consider restyling or remaking a family heirloom ring. First, it increases the sentimental value of the jewelry piece.

Many people have heard the adage, “What the bride needs is something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” A repurposed family heirloom ring is two birds with one stone: it’s a new take on an aged ring. It represents the best parts of two or more different love stories.

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Save money on materials

Restyling or remaking your engagement ring can save money on materials, allowing you to spend more on your wedding ceremony and celebrations. Unfortunately, it’s not common practice in the jewelry industry to allow couples to source their own diamonds, gemstones, or precious metals. This is because many well-known companies capitalize on the large profit margins of diamond sales.

But Peter Norman operates on a different business model that prioritizes their clientele and quality craftsmanship. Every couple that approaches Peter Norman for a custom-designed, restyled, or remodeled engagement ring gives Peter Norman the opportunity to craft a beautiful and lasting piece of jewelry and contribute to your love story.

A more sustainable option

If sustainability is among your core values, restyling or remaking a pre-loved ring is a befitting choice. The process and reuse of materials is environmentally friendly and a form of upcycling.

If you’re curious about resetting a family heirloom or vintage ring, Peter Norman would love to discuss your options and create the ring of your dreams.

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    By Peter Norman

    Peter Norman is one of Los Angeles’ most celebrated wedding jewelers, with his custom-made engagement rings and wedding bands taking center place in thousands of weddings over the last 40 years. Each engagement ring is custom designed, built to order, and can suit any budget: from the simply elegant 1-carat solitaires to the exquisite pieces fit for (and sometimes purchased by) royalty.


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