Why you shouldn’t settle for roses and candy on February 14

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Ditch the roses and candy and get creative. Why? Because if your partner is expecting more that doesn’t mean they are shallow, it just means they want to see your thoughtful side. In fact, flowers and candy are actually pretty expensive and there are so many options out there. Getting the standard cliche gift really just says “I didn’t have time” or “I waited until the last minute”. I know we are talking about NOT being shallow, but if we are being completely honest here.. what woman ever turned down a beautiful piece of jewelry? “I wish you got me candy instead”- Said no one ever! For those who love the tradition of a card and candy, we aren’t saying it’s a bad idea. We just want to offer you a creative way to execute that gift. For example. Greetabl boxes are AMAZING. Creative and impressive, your loved one will feel like you really went the extra mile and guess what? It’s very inexpensive. You choose a gift for around $5 to put inside of the box. The box is essentially a card that has personalized messages and photos with a gift inside like chocolate, or a skin product. They also have really great designs so you can customize a greetabl that is perfect for your mate! It offers the tradition of a card with the creativity of a thoughtful gift. Champagne gummy bears, soap for the bath lovers,confetti, a candle and more! So what if you are a new couple, and something TOO sentimental just feels awkward. Maybe it’s even a first date which is a very bold choice on Valentine’s day! What is the proper thing to do? Spring for some flowers? Or treat it like any other first date? Well We think it’s a pretty classy move to go ahead and make a small effort. Should men be the only one giving gifts? Absolutely NOT. With our world becoming more diverse every day, the traditional male to female relationship where only the men make effort is going out the window. Think about it, in the lGBT community, for example then who would be the gift giver? We think a relationship goes both ways! It takes two to build something special, and both parties should make an effort. So, what if you are a female who is Greetabl boxes

By Peter Norman

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