The Hottest Engagement Ring Trends

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From styles experiencing a resurgence to new takes on classics, here is a round-up of Peter Norman’s most sought-after engagement ring styles.


Thanks to their elongating shape and popularity among celebrities, the oval-cut diamond is the most requested center stone. Ovals are a universally flattering style and show their carat weight well.

Yellow Gold

“Everything old is new again” has never been so true as with yellow gold. Though white gold and platinum remain popular, yellow gold is making a serious comeback in engagement ring settings and is flattering on most skin tones.

Hidden Halos and Gallery Details

While halos surrounding the center stone aren’t as fashionable as they were in previous years, diamonds in the gallery (commonly called hidden halos) are growing in popularity. This is a perfect detail for those who want extra sparkle that is a bit more subtle.

Diamond Pave Band

Though diamond bands are nothing new, many people are looking for a fresh take on a classic. Simple diamond bands are still in style, but many are opting for a twisted or tapered pave look to make their ring a bit more unique.

Two-tone Metal

For those who want to add a little flair (or simply can’t decide on a color), two-tone settings are the perfect option. Combining metals is a growing trend and can add unexpected interest to your ring.

All pictured pieces can be custom-made by Peter Norman Jewelers

By Peter Norman

Peter Norman is one of Los Angeles’ most celebrated wedding jewelers, with his custom-made engagement rings and wedding bands taking center place in hundreds of weddings over the last 20 years. Each engagement ring is custom designed, built to order, and can suit any budget: from the simply elegant 1-carat solitaires to the exquisite pieces fit for (and sometimes purchased by) royalty.


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